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Welcome to Wiki4Print

Why Wiki4Print?


to from Varia's wiki-to-print

2 from Hackers and Designers wiki2print

4 as it is what the wiki is for

for as it is the fourth iteration since TITiPI's wiki2pdf


wiki-to-print is hosted on ServPub as wiki4print.

ServPub is an experimental platform for research and practice on experimental and computational publishing, to reflect collectively on affective infrastructures, minor tech and autonomous networks within, and beyond, institutional constraints. It is run by artists, coders, activists, collectives, scholars, researchers using FOSS, who share feminist values and practices. We aim to build shared knowledge and resources which operate at small scale and as part of grassroots community networks to explore alternatives. Participating communities/institutions include CSNI at London South Bank University, UCL Slade School of Fine Art, SHAPE at Aarhus University, In-grid, Systerserver, and CC/Varia.

Wiki4print has been created for use during the workshop Content/Form organised by DARC/SHAPE at Aarhus University, CSNI at LSBU, and transmediale, to be held in Berlin, January 29-31, 2024. It is being further developed as an experimental book project with Minor Compositions as part of Open Book Futures.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.